Agile and Scrum

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Here at Creative we are passionate about Agile and, in particular, using the Scrum framework to deliver small, but value adding, digital services at frequent, predictable intervals. Our founder is a Certified Scrum Professional (one of only a small handful in the UK). Our Consultants are always Certified Scrum Masters (all with the Scrum Alliance). All have experience of delivering, and coaching, solution delivery using the latest Agile delivery methods:

  • FUN is at the heart of Agility and our Scrum Masters will introduce light hearted moments to create a team ethos
  • We have experience in using Scrum outside of traditional software development, ask us for more info
  • Struggling with waterScrumfall or FrAgile in your organisations? Ask us to help introduce the culture change necessary.
  • Agile is not just Scrum - talk to us about BDD, TDD, UCD, Scaled/SAFe, XP, User Stories or anything else Agile

Creative Agile - "Enabling Continuous Delivery"