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We have a long track record of helping clients on Agile, Leadership, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and SRE. Let's hear from a few of them:

The agile coach [from Creative Agile] was key in introducing us to lean-agile ways of working across the organisation. Their experience, dedication, focus and creativity was just what we needed to help us liberate ourselves from our existing cultural and organisational boundaries and allow us to scale agile effectively. All this while dealing with a pandemic!


The Product Owner/Trainer [from Creative Agile] has produced an excellent course on Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Feedback from participants on this challenging course is consistently high. We also get great feedback when Creative Agile deliver our range of DevOps courses. To see what we have to offer click here.


[Creative Agile] parachuted in a key Agile delivery leader who was instrumental in leading the Core Platform Tribe through a period of great upheaval.

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Our strategic partnership [with Creative Agile] helped build an unparalleled DevOps/SRE capability across all of our delivery hubs. Our DevOps/SRE practice continues to go from strength to strength. Check out our blog to find out more.

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Thank you [Creative Agile] for the sessions on Behaviour Driven Development. It was great to see the feature files turned around so quickly. I never understood why it was important to fail fast until now.

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It was a pleasure to be able to rely on the Agile Coach [from Creative Agile] to help deliver the UK Governments "digital by default" agenda by delivering several GDS-branded training courses across Product Management, Delivery Management and Agile teams. Additionally their work to help develop tailored agile leadership programmes for a range of local government departments proved invaluable.


We re-engaged an agile coach [from Creative Agile] to help deliver the agile "super lab" for Virgin Money focussed on a range of Savings product improvements. The mixture of training, coaching and agile leadership resulted in a range of change delivery efficiencies.


NobleProg, the World's Local Training Provider, has partnered with Creative Agile to create and deliver a range of custom training courses across agile, Scrum, DevOps, BDD and SRE. These are proving a huge hit with our commercial and public sector clients, not just in the UK but across the world…. We feel we can rely on Creative Agile.

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The agile & DevOps coach [from Creative Agile] was key to realising the banks scaled agile agenda, working with the SAFe framework to coach and direct five delivery teams focussed on DevOps adoption and Continuous Delivery enablement.


We are proud to have [Creative Agile] managing the Accenture DevOps Academy training course. The course is two days and the external instructors add real world experiences to Accenture's learning ambitions. We have never received such positive feedback until [Creative Agile] started to help.


[Creative Agile] did a great job for us on our Agile and Continuous Delivery roadmap, rejuvenating the team, entrenching the DevOps and Agile disciplines across the teams, and pushing us ahead with our automation strategy.


The Agile/DevOps Principal [from Creative Agile] provided the experience and level-head we needed to launch our service into a major new market.


I would like to say thank you for all of your efforts as Lead Scrum Master and Agile Coach in helping to move us forward as a Digital Delivery Centre and for all of your hard work and effort particularly with coaching our inexperienced Scum Masters - I know they will continue to develop and go on to make you very proud!


The Agile Coach [from Creative Agile] helped establish a Virgin Money version of Agile that was instrumental in delivering the ambitions of our Mortgage Lab. The additional Continuous Delivery expertise brought [by Creative Agile] helped put our IT function on a new and improved path for delivery that will provide benefits for years to come.


[On our strategic government project] Quite simply the best Scrum Master(s) we have ever worked with.


[Creative Agile] helped manage the change involved with our move to continuous delivery, involving massive changes to our Development and Operations teams (amongst others), but in a sympathetic and inclusive way.


At Ranger4 we are fanatical about making life on earth fantastic…..[Creative Agile] have helped with this at a number of our clients by doing DevOps training, DevOps maturity assessments and DevOps lift-off workshops….DevOpsTastic!


We worked [with Creative Agile] on our global "world class development" project, ramping up Scrum and Agile and merging R&D and IT (or Dev and Ops) to become DevOps before the term was really commonplace.

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The consultant(s) [from Creative Agile] "white labelled" themselves as Computer Associates to play a pivotal role in the deployment of CA's Service Virtualization technology by using Agile approaches that ensured the e-Commerce development teams could progress their digital agenda. I was happy to trust our reputation with them.

Creative Agile - "Enabling Continuous Delivery"