Creative Agile

Enabling Continuous Delivery

Preparation for Scrum Master Training Course

14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)

Delegates will be able to make the most of the class if they have studied the Scrum Guide (latest version).
This course is for: Product owners, managers, or anyone interested in Agile planning and estimating techniques.
The course, Scrum Product Owner (SPO), utilizes a combination of presentations, discussions, and hands-on exercises explaining and demonstrating through practice. It illustrates what it is like to take on the role of an Agile team. The course covers all aspects of a product owner's involvement in an Agile product's life-cycle, such as gathering requirements rapidly, writing user stories, estimating story points, tracking, release planning, reporting, forecasting, scaling, and so on.
Anyone who either is, or is planning to be, a Product Owner and for others working in a Scrum environment who have a need for in-depth knowledge of Scrum in particular with regards to Product Ownership and delivering value.
Course Outline
Product Owner Exam:
After the course, delegates may take the PSPO1 exam ( NB: exam fee not included in the course fee (currently around $150)
Note: during the course, you will have an opportunity to answer mock exam questions to prepare for the PSPO1 exam.

Creative Agile - "Enabling Continuous Delivery"